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This is a special announcement with resources for you, your team and organization as we adapt and navigate this worldwide pandemic. This email has updated virtual and remote services as well as perspectives, insights, and additional resources we have found valuable.

As for Grand Dynamics, the past two weeks have come with countless client conversations and event cancellations and our heart goes out to everyone as we have all been impacted by this disruption of life and business. Of course, we all must do our part to stop the spread of the virus in our communities by practicing the guidelines of health protocols and physical separation.

Although the situation is challenging, there are opportunities in every obstacle and it is our directive to find them! Grand Dynamics has the tools to help you, your teams, your business and community through this crisis with our twenty years of experience and current team building technology.

We are planning Zoom calls with our contractors and community and will be sharing resources and updates ongoing. We have fun, creative ways to engage your team and make the most of the situation. Keep on reading below to discover how we can help.

If you would like to have a personal call to connect with me directly, please reply to this email to schedule a time. We are in this together!

Founder and President
Grand Dynamics International
In this issue:

  • Virtual Team Building and Events
  • Remote Executive Coaching and Team Training
  • Remote Work Productivity Essentials – On-line Training
  • People Power: Team Training and Adapting to Behavioral Styles
  • Ultimate Towner Community Event Update
  • Tim Walther’s personal approach to uncertainty and change and Maintaining Personal Power
  • Leadership action points to consider

1. Virtual Team Building and Events

Many of you have experienced the event technology that we use to create our experiences for our live events. This technology and systems are available for your organization for remote employees to experience and connect with each other from wherever they are! 

Our customized programs feature messaging from your business and leaders to your people, as well as fun and creative experiences that are timely and relevant to your employees’ NEW work environment.  Text, photos, videos along with live-streaming and leaderboards offer engaging ways to foster our sense of togetherness during our time of physical separation. Fully customized remote events are available, and we are here to support you. 

To find out more, click here and we will follow up with a detailed overview of these programs with additional information.  If you would like to discuss a specific event you are working, please fill out our contact form with basic details so we can follow up with you directly. Otherwise, you can email me directly to begin the conversation. 
Contact Me >>

2. Remote Executive Coaching and Team Training

We have been remotely coaching executives and management teams from small startups to large multinationals for more than a decade with hugely successful results. If your team needs support with stress management, leadership development, wellness practices, conflict prevention / resolution, communication, productivity, or team and leadership development, please contact us for a free coaching consultation. We are equipped to take on a single individual or a large team. We commonly develop coaching programs for small groups of leaders who support each other in an on-going process. We have a variety of coaches available depending on your needs. We also have team sessions available. Learn More >>

3. Remote Work Productivity Essentials – On-line Training

Whether due to the coronavirus, people’s desire to work from home, or the reality of geographically distributed teams, remote work is here to stay. What’s more, many studies show that remote workers are actually more productive than their office-bound counterparts. However, with this new “involuntary” work from home situation that many people find themselves in, there is a gap with those who know how to be productive and those who haven’t yet developed the skill sets. Furthermore, managing distributed teams requires different skill-sets, tools and protocols to truly reap the benefits. Grand Dynamics has been successfully managing a globally remote team for more than a decade, and we are excited to share our best practices with your team. We customize this training for your specific needs and situation. Contact us to learn more >>

4. People Power: Team Training and Adapting to Behavioral Styles Under Stress

We all have preferred ways of communicating and working together.  We also have different needs that drive our achievement and responses to fear and stress.  It’s more important than ever to understand ourselves and how to adapt to the styles of others. 

The same applies when working with remote teams. If you would like to get a clear picture of your team culture, along with how to best adapt and support each other, contact us for your remote team training. Contact us to learn more >>

5. Ultimate Towner Community Event Update

We have officially canceled the in-person May 17th, Jackson Hole Ultimate Towner.  All registered participants are receiving a 100% refund.  However, we are developing a “physically distanced” Virtual Towner as an alternative! Our goal is to support our community and we will be presenting this program in the coming weeks. 

The event will utilize the platform mentioned above and people from remote locations following the physical separation and health guidelines.  You will be able to participate in this new, one of a kind, open enrollment experience! 

Jackson business and community leaders have the opportunity to share your message and participate in this inspiring team and community event. Stay tuned for event updates and contact Tim Walther to learn more and support the evolving program design. 

6. Tim Walther’s personal approach to uncertainty, change and Maintaining Personal Power

The majority of my life has been based on navigating uncertainty and helping others to do the same. Grand Dynamics programs and personal adventures have offered valuable lessons on focusing on what is within my control, mitigating risk, breaking down actions into small steps and creatively solve challenges. Many Grand Dynamics participants have experienced these concepts during our events to varying degrees. 

During this pandemic and any crisis situation, confusion, panic, and fear are natural responses that can significantly impact our capacity to sustaining our performance.  It is paramount that we manage our own personal states and help others through their process. 

Here are 10 Tips to Maintain Your Personal Power amidst this pandemic:

  • Increase proactive planning and communication with your team and loved ones
  • Focus on what is in your control and write down your goals to clarify actions
  • Identify and learn new skills to navigate your changing environment
  • Eat healthily!  You don’t have to eat all that stockpiled food at once :o)
  • Practice focused breathing that support oxygen flow and relaxation
  • Remember to laugh and have some fun!   
  • Reduce personal stress through meditation and get outside for physical exercise
  • Get ample sleep to recover and maintain your daily performance
  • Focus on your most important tasks early in the day
  • Celebrate small wins and be kind to yourself and others


7. Ten Team and Leadership Actions

  • Clarify and articulate your vision for the evolving team and business needs
  • Recognize individual responses to stress and uncertainty and adapt your style to meet the needs of others
  • Provide emotional leadership by fostering courage amidst the challenge
  • Model the way by leading by example
  • Scripting the critical moves for your team
  • Evaluate your resources and educate yourself and team
  • Increase communication around evolving roles
  • Create new systems so people can continue to work effectively
  • Create space to listen and practice empathy
  • Focus on the OPPORTUNITIES that are all around us
  • Maintain your personal power (see above!)

Last Words: 
Thank you all to everyone who has reached out to me. I appreciate your connection and support.   Remember, the OBSTACLE is the WAY and how we RESPOND will determine our future.  Stay strong and please stay connected with each other and us.  

We will be sharing additional information and resources on our Facebook Page and Linked In Pages.  You will find replays of zoom presentations and replays from leaders including by Jack Canfield, Steven Kotler and more with valuable tools for navigating the COVID-19 and sustaining peak performance during the pandemic.  

There is also a very special breathing session being offered by one of my mentors from my breathing and cold immersion training in Iceland. You can find that information on the pages below.  

Here is our Facebook page with the links: Facebook Page >>   And our Linked In Page

Please know that we are with you in spirit and all working hard here at Grand Dynamics to respond with intention and to offer our support in these volatile times. 

Here’s to the growth that may come from all of this. 


Tim Walther
Founder and President
Grand Dynamics International