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Chuck “Hero for the Day” Connelly and The V-Day Experiment – report from the street by Chuck Conelly

By February 17, 2012August 1st, 2018No Comments
Below is a short story of what we did “on the street” on Valentine’s day. If you like the idea, let us know and we will remind you about it next year!
This was a new and different day for me also.  A friend of mine in Jackson texted me and “invited” me to participate in “an experiment” this morning.  We’ve been trying to connect @ B’fast for weeks unsuccessfully as both too dang busy.  He’s the kinda guy — U never know what is possible till you show up, hear his thoughts and then perform.  I thought it was gonna be some weird breakfast experience and had 2 show up.
This day I did sumthin real neat!!!!!!! For the last five years he has experimented on Valentines Day.  He buys Roses and then walks around parking lots at grocery stores, Post Offices or anywhere there are persons in motion.  He then approaches one who might not have another to share Valentine’s Day, offers them a Rose with a smile then walks on.  No conversation, just a moment of sharing WONDER.  My mind shouted WOW!!!!!!!!!!! let’s go!
I picked up two dozen Roses.  Started in the parking lot of the grocery store, wandered around and attempted to find those persons as they left the store.  Each early Rose brought a Smile.  Once I was accused of being that persons’ “Hero for the day”… I think my Smile was broader than hers.
In LIFE there is always unexpected moments, never understood.  One lady came walking from the grocery with both hands full of bags.  I walked up to her, Smiled and presented her a Rose.  She angrily declined and her body language screamed “get ta Hell away from me.”  That moment was hard but helped Greatly enjoying  the Smiles from the rest of the day.
Post Office was next.  Many Smiles but soon the potential population was small.  Tim mentioned a good place might be the Senior Center that I drive by every shift with START.  The directions to the Center are tatooed on my memory.  Upon arrival, I was not aware the time was LUNCH and there were so many Seniors at the Center. I could have used another 2 dz Roses.  Each extension of the Rose was met with uncertainty then a joyous Smile!  Too much of a surprise????I guess.
They gave me energy for LIFE’s tasks over the remainder of the day.  At least til late afternoon when another afternoon/evening nap was mandatory.
Tim & I laughingly came up with an idea for next year.  His GOAL is to have 12 people give at least 12 Roses as we did today.  We would call it The Gross VD Experiment.  Wanna do sumthin neat next February 14th?
I’ll B asking yas!!
– Chuck
Chuck Connelly is a Grand Dynamics Facilitator with infectious positive energy and dedication to experiential learning.

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