Young Professionals Organization


YPO is a global leadership community of under-50-year-old executive chiefs of mid to large-sized companies which have the same goal – developing better leaders for the world.

A large YPO Chapter approached GDI to design and facilitate a bespoke high impact annual meeting that would authentically connect its members and provide a transformational experience for a group of extremely high achieving leaders.

They wanted people to walk away from the experience saying things like,

“I have had a breakthrough.”
“I will never be the same.”
“I will never look at X the same way again.”
“I will remember that on my deathbed.”


Kayaking River Adventure

We got the group feeling connected through a kayaking river adventure, followed by an evening networking event celebration that included a 45-foot long fire pit where we facilitated attendees cooking their own gourmet steaks directly on the coals, while having highly impactful discussions.

Breath Retention and Cold Immersion Training

We then created breakthrough experiences with meditative retention breath hold training and cold immersion experiences to facilitate participants going beyond their perceived limits in powerful and measurable ways.


The retreat then transitioned to an inspiring keynote, rich in leadership lessons from the Thailand Cave Rescue, and a Cave Rescue Simulation Experience led by US Military Special Forces and Grand Dynamics team members of the Thailand rescue team who were involved in the actual 2018 rescue of 13 people trapped in a flooded cave.

"Our experience with Grand Dynamics was incredible! It pushed us outside of our comfort zones and created a powerful sense of camaraderie among participants, making the our time unforgettable. It was so moving to watch people support one another in such a challenging setting. I highly recommend working with Grand Dynamics!"