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California Metro Expo – Working Together – Building Community

By March 11, 2009No Comments

INTRODUCTION: Today is another beautiful day. I am in the Sacramento airport, complete with free wireless :o), heading back home to Jackson. I feel relaxed and at peace. This morning I had a great run, and to my surprise was exposed to some rare Metro-California wildlife. 15 turkeys roosting in a tree all started googling-gobbling LOUDLY at once as I ran through the wooded trail along the American River! They were huge and some had the full tail fanned out. I have never seen that before. I contemplated what that meant and why i saw them all… then remembered all the times in life I have been called a TURKEY – HA!, about the Thanksgiving Paradox (Black Swan Reference), and then the mind kept rolling…. that’s another story! I am HERE, NOW, and take 10 long, meditative breaths and celebrate being alive on this planet.

AT THE METRO: Holly and I had a blast greeting and talking with Sacramento people non-stop for 5 hours! At one point, we had about 25 people surrounding table-top initiative station working on the Great Nail Balance, spinning the Buzz Ring, and engaging in lively conversation derived from the Thumb Network Ball! Sweet. It was great to hear comments like, “Grand Dynamics is definitely the funnest booth here”, “This is really great to have a company like Grand Dynamics in Sacramento”, “When can we get together to plan something” and “Wow, I need this for myself – and my company!”

STN OPEN ENROLLMENT EXCITEMENT: Our Seeking True North open enrollment event in Grass Valley April 21-23 was quite a popular topic and I am excited to see many of the people I met there for a few days of inspired focused personal and business development. To those California people reading this that I met – send me an email and let me know you are planning to come!

CA ECONOMIC CHALLENGE AND RESPONSE: California, like most places right now, is filled with businesses that are challenged. However, business representatives mostly remained optimistic that there they would make it through these though times. And the general consensus at the expo was that it would require WORKING TOGETHER. Certainly internally with an inspired staff operating on full cylinders, but also externally with businesses supporting other businesses to further each other’s goals. This is one theme that has become more and more apparent, and necessary, in challenging economy. COMMUNITY and working together in a way that businesses support each other. Certainly there is the exchange of goods or services, but the deeper question is how can we support each other in the BIG PICTURE of business economics. Keep your eye out for opportunities to network and support each other. When contracting with another company, is there a potential for a MUTUAL EXCHANGE so that both companies benefit? What referrals can each of you provide for one another? How can you help someone else as you further your own goals? When we rebound out of the economic challenges, will you be proud of how you MAINTAINED COMPOSURE, CREATED INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, SUPPORTED OTHERS, or will have you just barely “made it through” AT ANY COST?

Tim Walther
GDI President

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