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Seeking True North

Arrival In Orlando

By July 28, 2016August 1st, 2018No Comments

This is a funny story.  When we arrived in Orlando for the CFMA conference and book launch, we were informed that all of our shipments were sent to the incorrect address. Sweet! Yes, that included our peacock feathers, film equipment and, of course, the books!  The feathers and film stuff had been sent via Fed Ex and the incorrect address was caught in time – and re-directed to our hotel, the Royal Pacific.  The books however were supposedly arriving at the local UPS warehouse within a couple hours.  It was 2:00, Friday afternoon and our book launch seminar was on Saturday!

So we got our cabbie, Daniel from Haiti, and headed that direction. We had a bit of difficulty finding the UPS, but eventually got there, only to find out that the books weren’t there. And, in fact, they were’t going to arrive and were currently in Longview, Florida about an hour away!  Good one.

Well we headed to the hotel and Rick began to figure out logistics for our presentation, and I headed out on an adventure with Daniel to get the books. I was so excited to be holding my copy of Seeking True North. I explained the book to Daniel and asked him to choose a number between 1 and 120, and I would explain the tool in the book.  He chose 100.  Tool 100 in the book turns out to be Two Truths and One Lie!  So we proceeded to play the game. It was challenging at first for him because he said only truths, such as “I’m hungry and want to get something to eat”  and “I want to go home to visit my family but don’t have any money” and “I don’t like traffic.” A real brain teaser that one….  after two hours of driving to get the books we had worked out his life plan including how to find a new job that didn’t require much effort. 

Awesome.  Even more, was that through all of it I just kept laughing because it was just another hurdle to be overcome to get to Orlando with printed books and deliver our first Seeking True North Seminar!

I arrived back to the hotel just barely in time to meet up with the CFMA Renewal Group before they headed out for dinner. What incredible energy and just awesome to see everyone. I must have had two truths and a lie on my brain because I woke up from a  power nap the next moring, just before the program and got a great brainstorm about using the tool to introduce Rick! 

Tim Walther

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