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In support of your personal reflection on 2023, and planning for 2024, I have included a new Personal Mastery Guide called the ALL IN Personal Mastery Guide for you to use as a free resource. You can begin your journey by following the guide over your holiday season as you create your next epic year.

When you download the guide by filling out the form below, you will also be receive access to our free planning session that will use the Personal Mastery Guide and help you plan your 2024.

What is the Personal Mastery Guide?
We begin with background information and research on the mindset and psychology of resolutions and goal setting. Next is your “cliff notes to personal mastery” with the Top Ten Actions to Create Your Future. The rest of the guide offers details, processes, and a deep dive into creating your future.

You will experience a variety of comprehensive methods for reflecting, discovering and creating your life’s visions – your ultimate motivational strategy!

I provide several frameworks to help you access your potential and find the motivation to take you there.

NEW IN THIS YEAR’S GUIDE: The ALL IN Adventure Method section from my new book ALL IN ADVENTURE STORIES and how to apply it to your 2024 goals be they for outdoor adventures or the adventures in your life or business.

I wish you all the best in 2024 and beyond.

May all your dreams be powerful, positive, and a reflection of the best “you” that only you can be!

Now… Let’s do this!

Tim Walther
Grand Dynamics International


  • NEW: How to Apply the ALL IN Adventure Method to your 2024 goals
  • Your Brain on Goal Setting
  • Creating Your Future – Journaling and Visioning
  • Prepare Yourself and Your Environment for Success
  • Mastery Ultra-Cliff Notes: Top 10 Actions to Create Your Future
  • Your Highest Best Self
  • What do you really want?
  • Your Ultimate Vision, Purpose, Roles and Goals for Success
  • Personal Vision, Purpose, Roles and Goals – Sample: Physical Power
  • Microsoft Excel Action Planning Template
  • Manifesting Your Future in the coming year
  • Life Success Strategies
  • Negative versus Positive Motivation
  • Understand and Use Psychological Anchors and Triggers
  • Tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions
  • Why 3% of Harvard MBAs Make 10X as Much as the Other 97% Combined

Grab your holiday copy of ALL IN Adventure Stories on AMAZON and GO ALL IN for 2024!