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By April 5, 2009No Comments

It’s Sunday night and I just finished up a killer few days of team building programs with the Websense International Best Sellers.  Today was a Search and Rescue Simulation on snowmobiles in the Togwotee Wilderness. Yesterday was a combination of ZOOM and Teaming with GPS – Urban. The day before that was a unique sled-building slalom course event. No pictures at the moment~ but you can imagine!  The group was very eclectic international bunch from places like Brazil, Scotland, Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong, and of course, New Jersey. Many folks had never seen snow before!  The program was really about the incentive and relationship building through a series of amazing Grand Dynamics Jackson Hole Experiences. As with all of our events, I am continuously reminded of the one characteristic that makes all our events so great. ADAPTABILITY.  The ability to monitor the group, balance the needs of multiple clients (participants, meeting planners, 3rd party vendors) and adjust on the fly is a hallmark of Grand Dynamics programs.  Timing, Weather, Site, Participant and Meeting Planner Expectations and Staff insights and communication all come into play.

I am also continuously reminded that my work is a direct metaphor of my life.  The ability to begin with the end in mind while maintaining a heightened sense of awareness and thus be able to adapt is a critical component of PRACTICE.  Develop Sensory Acquity and notice what is working, and what might need to be shifted to achieve your desired end result!

How are YOU adapting?

Tim Walther
GDI President

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