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Action Seminars

We customize location (USA and select international locations) both indoor and outdoor, program duration and integrate your most important corporate themes and messaging. Contact us today for your customized action seminar event.

GDI Action Seminars are the result of years of research into the way that people learn best. Our programs infuse experiential learning as a way to bring content to life and allow participants to fully integrate the learning. These seminars are the perfect complement to your organizational development or corporate advance.

Many of our seminars are offered in conjunction with an assessment tool to highlight personal and professional development and improve human interaction dynamics.

Check out this video which overviews a Grand Dynamics National Leadership Training program which involved a series of customized action seminars. We call it a Culture Infusion. Awesome!

Grand Dynamics Team Building – This three-day Action Seminar incorporates all the elements critical to effective team performance.

Building Teams that Build Themselves – This half-day or full-day program highlights critical team performance designed to impart teamwork tools and lay the foundation for effective teamwork.

People Power – This seminar features the DiSC Personal Profile System and shows that even though we might be seeking the same outcomes, we all have different preferences. The key is not only to understand, but to appreciate these different styles and approaches.

EQ Advantage – Based on years of research on star performers, this seminar brings to life the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how we can most effectively use emotional competencies to our advantage.

Breakthrough – The ultimate action planning and personal breakthrough seminar available. Period.

Start planning your corporate retreat or team building event!