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The Lake to Lake-Link 2020

Swimming the 7 Lakes of Grand Teton National Park

Have you ever wondered, “what’s possible?”  On August 3rd and 4th, 2020, Tim Walther and Damir Achmadiev will find out for themselves with an attempt a 2-day crossing of 7 lakes in Grand Teton National Park. Read on to discover the adventure, including route details, videos, and the intriguing back story.

Walther swimming on Jackson Lake - PC: Erik Kampe

Walther swimming on Jackson Lake – PC: Erik Kampe

The Grand Teton Lake to Lake-Link consists of approximately 20 miles of swimming across Phelps, Taggart, Bradley, String, Jenny, Leigh, and Jackson while traveling approximately 20 miles on foot.   Details are provided in the google map below.

Route Highlights: Day 1

  • Full Moon crossing of Phelps Lake to begin the Journey 
  • 6 miles on the Valley Trail for sunrise swims across Taggart and Bradley Lakes
  • 5 miles to Jenny Lake and 2 miles across it
  • String to Leigh Lake to complete day 1

Day 2

Jackson Lake:Bear Paw Bay to Lizard Creek following the western shore for approximately 13 miles

                 The journey is open to anyone who would like to join in for any portion.

MAP of the upcoming Lake to Lake-Link on August 3rd and 4th.

Check out the route, details, and timeline.

Get the live tracking link to follow along with the adventure!

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Check out this video of Tim Walther’s wild 3-day experience traveling north to south across the 7 Teton Lakes and on foot in between. This year the 2-day attempt will take place from South to North.  

The Backstory

The original Lake to Lake-Link was a 3 day battle in August 2018 traveling from North to South on the Route. Here is the video of the epic adventure filled with countless obstacles. Wind, waves, hypothermia, exhaustion all challenged Walther on his solo lake crossing.   Watch the video here:

Last year Walther traveled to Sweden to race in the Torekov Swim Run and Torekov Open Water events.  In the process, he met Swedish swim-run phenom Valter Olander who introduced him to his specialty swim-run fins, which will be used for the 2020 attempt.

The Partner

This year Walther will be joined by Damir Achmadiev, a world champion Spartan obstacle course racer.  After winning the local 2017 Jackson Hole Ultimate Towner obstacle course event, produced by Walther and Grand Dynamics, Damir and Walther began to plan an adventure.  The cancellation of Spartan Races opened the calendar for other opportunities… and so here it begins.

Follow Along with the Journey

You can sign onto the google map for updates to include the spot tracking device information.